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Modesto Children's Museum

Location: Modesto, California

Size: 7,000 Square Feet of Visitor Experience Space

Scope: Full Service Museum Planning and Exhibit Design

Opened: 2023

Serving children in California’s Central Valley, the Modesto Children’s Museum (MoChiMu) is a beacon of curiosity, adventure, and child-centered learning.  The emerging museum’s facility is housed in a renovated performing art venue and promotes the healthy development of young minds through play. 


Gyroscope provided planning, exhibit design, and graphic design services from concept through construction administration. We crafted nine exhibit zones, each centered around a mix of STEM and art using vibrant color themes. These exhibits are packed with iconic, immersive visitor experiences including water, light, air and maker labs, a color story train, performance space, a rainbow themed early childhood space and grocery store. MoChiMu’s exhibits encourage active exploration and aim to connect with Modesto’s diverse community through unique, place-based experiences.

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