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Food + Farm Exploration Center

Location: Plover, Wisconsin

Size: 8,000 Square Feet of Visitor Experience Space

Scope: Full Service Museum Planning and Exhibit Design

Opened: 2023


Food + Farm Exploration Center engages visitors with the surprising story of where food comes from, who grows it, and all the cutting-edge innovation that goes into feeding the world. Drawing on a close collaboration with agriculture professionals and Central Wisconsin community members, Gyroscope designed a one-of-a-kind Exploration Center that cultivates visitors’ personal connections to agriculture.


Visitors build STEM skills through hands-on agriculture experiences, explore the farm-to-fork story through creative and collaborative play, meet real farmers, and harvest, cook, and enjoy food grown on-site. Gyroscope’s design empowers The Center to serve its community by bringing together the most impactful and in-demand aspects of a science center, a children’s museum, a teaching farm, a culinary school, a botany lab, a makerspace, and even a tractor showroom—all rolled into a tantalizing celebration of food and farming.

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