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Children's Museum of Central Oregon

Location: Bend, Oregon

Size: 15,000 S.F. Indoor + 6,000 S.F. Outdoor Exhibits

Scope: Visitor Experience Planning

Children’s Museum of Central Oregon (CMCO) focuses on STEM-based exhibits and programming that is firmly grounded in the local habitats and history of Bend and Central Oregon. From exploring the inner workings of a volcano, inspired by the region's iconic landscape, to navigating a water gallery reflecting the nearby Columbia River watershed, each exhibit celebrates the local environment while fostering a sense of wonder and exploration.


CMCO will become a much-needed quality-of-life resource for informal, hands-on family learning in Central Oregon. With a deep commitment to diversity, access, and inclusion, CMCO will be a community connector across the region and a place where visitors feel safe, seen, and accepted. 

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