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La Nube

Location: El Paso, Texas

Size: 40,000 Square Feet of Exhibits

Scope: Visitor Experience Planning, Exhibit Design, Graphic Design & Donor Recognition 

Opening: 2023

La Nube, located in the thriving, multi-cultural Borderplex, is in a unique position to lead the field in access and inclusion by building bridges to different cultures, languages, abilities and ages. The emerging S.T.E.A.M based center will promote innovation, creativity, and career development through local/global connections, dreaming big and the belief that anything is possible. The blue sky that connects all of us around the world was the inspiration that came directly from the El Paso community for Gyroscope's exhibit designs.

La Nube is comprised of nine themed zones, each with a diverse mix of experiences to appeal to different types of learners, audiences, and ages. Each zone includes areas for very young children as well as quiet places for families with special needs. Gyroscope is collaborating with many local organizations to develop the guest experiences that focus on local/global connections, cross-border experiences and the unifying principle that the sky connects us all. The entire center will be bilingual and will include an RFID-based system for personalized media that can be customized by each guest.

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