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Bringing people together

We are an award-winning studio that is passionate about creative learning environments. Our fearlessly collaborative approach looks to empower community connections, promote a DEAI future and bring your vision to life!

We offer strategic planning, exhibit and graphic design, public art, and architectural services for museums, libraries, visitor centers and other cultural institutions.

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What our clients are saying


Former CEO
Louisiana Children's Museum

Magical and Inspiring are heard from people of all ages…

climber model IMG_20201218_091304329.jpg

Founding Director, La Nube /
Ontario Science Center, CEO

I’ve never worked with a better group of people than Gyroscope… This museum is going to be amazing!


Former Executive Director, MAH

Every day I walk out of the building onto Abbott Square I am ASTOUNDED by the beauty of the Beacon sculpture and the delight it brings to everyone I see. When we were planning it, I assumed that there would be something about its installation that would make it less than what I had dreamed. Instead, it is more. Thanks to all of you. Thank you for bringing playfulness and creativity and quality get-it-done-ness to this project. 

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