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Bringing people together

Gyroscope, Louisiana Children's Museum (Boss Display) La Nube (Moare/Snohetta) MOXI, The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation (J North Productions) Fort Collins Museum of Discovery Kidspace Children's Museum

Gyroscope is an award-winning design studio that is passionate about creative learning environments. Our fearlessly collaborative approach empowers community connections, promotes inclusion, and brings your vision to life!

We offer visitor experience planning, exhibit design, graphic design, public art, and architectural programming services for museums, libraries, visitor centers, and more.

Featured Collaborations

"If I had to open another children's museum, I would only do it if I had Gyroscope on  my team.”

– Kerry Falwell, CEO


“I’ve never worked with a better group of people than Gyroscope… This museum is going to be amazing!”

– Paul Kortenaar

La Nube founding Director / Ontario Science Center, CEO

3D printed model of the La Nube climber design

“Every day I am ASTOUNDED by the beauty of the Beacon sculpture and the delight it brings to everyone I see.


When we were planning it, I assumed that there would be something about its installation that would make it less than what I had dreamed. Instead, it is more. Thank you for bringing playfulness and creativity and quality get-it-done-ness to this project. ”

– Nina Simon
Former Executive Director

Beacon public art sculpture at the Museum of Art and History in Santa Cruz. A quarter ring of suspended buoys reflected to appear as a full circle that goes through the museum walls
Rendering of the new Coastal Science in Action gallery at Seymour Marine Discovery Center

"Thank you for being bona fide badasses."

– Jonathan Hicken

   Executive Director

ADA accessible full-body bubble design at Louisiana Children's Museum

“'Magical' and 'inspiring' are heard from people of all ages…”

– Julia Bland, Former CEO

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